9 12 2008

TEHRAN (FNA)Tidak lama lagi Iran akan menghantar haiwan ke angkasa lepas untuk tujuan penyelidikan sains menggunakan roket yang dibangunkan oleh mereka sendiri. Iran seterusnya merancang untuk menghantar angkasawan mereka menggunakan roket mereka sendiri. Bila agaknya Malaysia akan membangunkan roket dan kapal angkasa sendiri ?
Institut Kajian Aero Angkasa Malaysia
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s Aerospace Research Institute said the country plans to launch further exploratory rockets into space with live animals aboard, paving the way for manned space flights.

Mohammad Ebrahimi, deputy head of Iran’s Aerospace Research Institute, said Tuesday Iran plans to send Kavoshgar (Explorer) 3 and 4 rockets into space in the near future.

The Kavoshgar 2 was successfully launched on Wednesday. The rocket consisted of a carrier, space-lab and restoration system.

Ebrahimi said the rocket analyzed air pressure and wind speed, and conducted astronomical tests at altitudes of 50 to 200 km (30 to 125 miles).

The Kavoshgar 2 is a two-stage solid fuel rocket capable of carrying a small payload and reentering the lower atmosphere with a high degree of accuracy.

The Iranian scientist said future rockets would be designed to carry live animals. Such an ability would pave the way for Iran to send men into space, he added.

News number: 8709131629 18:31 | 2008-12-03




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15 11 2009

kayaknya seh iran will be a big country, salut buat iran. go forward and never hestitate to step forword. ok.. indonesia kapan ya ikut jejak iran ? punya pemimpin kok senengnya disanjung-sanjung ma barat.

19 03 2013

When an individual decides to make the transition from eating meat to being a true
vegan, many of the usual things they once enjoyed go out the window.
Place sliced tomatoes and Arugula on top of the Mozzarella.
Lay the dough on the tray or baking sheet, then dimple the dough until it’s a thick, flattened circle.

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